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teen suicide - haunt me (x 3)
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i wanna be haunted 
i wanna be loved 
i want a lot of friends and 
a lot of drugs 
i wanna be haunted 
i won’t leave my bed 
i won’t go crazy and 
i won’t get sad 
so haunt me haunt me haunt me

i can’t write like I used to
because 5 letters
in the 26 i’ve come to know
are in your name
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i dont’ know what’s wrong with me
i can’t stop
i don’t want help
nothing’s wrong
something’s wrong
nothing’s wrong
i don’t know how to pick myself out of bed in the morning.
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I’m afraid to move on
I’m afraid to just forget
even though you’re long gone
I can’t stop crying
I dont’ even know what I’m doing
I keep writing the same things over and over again
I can’t say sorry enough times
I thought leaving you alone was the best thing
I know you’re going to find someone else and I can’t handle that
I can’t handle thinking of you holding her or kissing her
I can’t fathom you telling her sweet things
when you should be telling them to me
and I know I sound selfish
but I want you back so bad
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December 28 2:15 A.M

I don’t know why i’m writing this
I can’t even get the words to rhyme
I just needed to get it off my chest
and I can’t go to you
you always gave the best advice
and now I don’t know what to do
I feel so lost and hopeless
without you
but i know this is the best thing for us

n.c (via bokangavemeabeauner)
you’re in my veins
I tried to get rid of every piece of you in my life
but I’ll always have a part of you no matter how hard I try
n.c (via bokangavemeabeauner)
all I ever wanted was for you to be happy.
and when I heard on the nightly news
that you cut your wrists and took 24 ibuprofen
It’s like my whole world crashed down
everything I lived for
everything I loved
was gone.
Time stopped.
I don’t even remember crying.
I didn’t have time.
Because you weren’t happy.
And now you were gone.
I had nothing to live for anymore.
I didn’t have time to cry,
because before the news report about you
was even over,
there were two vertical lines up my arms
and an empty of pills in my hand.
n.c (via bokangavemeabeauner)
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